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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winter... already a memory

We were really excited about taking the girls skiing this year. Gear swaps were attended, petite skis and accouterments were haggled for, skiing was practiced in our carpeted hall with Abram standing in (pushing, really) for gravity and the fall line…. But then there was this whole buying our first house thing. 

So, instead, the one time we got up to Mt. Baker as a family this year, was on Christmas Eve for sledding.  It was a beautiful day. One unidentified jump on the first run convinced Rowen that she was done for the day, but she giggled away at the top of the hill contentedly while Aurora and Abram did more runs and built snowmen. 

Aurora in fact, was so enthralled with the snow, gravity, sliding on her bumski, and playing with her friend Adia, that she could not be coaxed into standing still to record for time immemorial that we had gone out to the snow together. 

And really, these pictures are a lot more visually interesting than all the ones not taken of us slimming down our belongings, packing, cleaning, moving, and embarking on the many house projects before us (though some before and after photos will make their way on here eventually).

We sure were thinking about all our beloved family and friends far away over the Christmas season, even though we didn't let you know! 

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Nations said...

I was so glad to read this! Both to know you are, indeed, alive, but also to hear about the fantastic things that have been happening for you. Congrats on the house! So wonderfully exciting and I suppose worth postponing a few outdoors trips to accomplish :)