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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birch Bay Bike Trip

About a month ago our ward announced that they would be hosting a campout at Birch Bay state park.  I leaned over to Shannon and said, "We should bike there".  Birch Bay has long been one of our destination clamming, crabbing, and warm water summer swimming destinations, but with it being so close, 20ish miles, we have always made it a day trip.
The week leading up to the trip was rain, but we held on to the hope that the forecast would be correct and we'd have sun.  Friday rolled around, rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon.  It was a bit of a crazy day at work, the last day of school before our final expedition, so I was running late for our 4pm departure.  When I arrived home I found the babe-o's ready to ride and hanging out in the yard next to their bikes.  
   I had packed up the gear earlier in the week so departure was relatively smooth, a few last minute shuffles and we were on the road! The trip was super smooth, sunshine, beautiful farms, views of the ocean and islands, and just long enough to feel like we were going someplace.   
The ride took us about 2.5 hours, we arrived in camp with time to eat, visit, and enjoy the sunset.  It was one of the better ward activities I've been a part of, low key, simple, and time to hang out with folks out side.  What could be better? 

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