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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome Eve/Wow Its Been Over a Year Already!!

Last December, as we read about the events leading up to birth of our Savior, I had a lot of empathy and insight into Mary’s condition. 

Aurora was two weeks late. Rowen was a day early. There were two different due dates: 12/13 and 12/18. I had false labor on 12/6 and 12/13.
 I was so hopeful about having a baby come before Christmas. But in the end, babies and Lord have a lot more control over these things than mothers, even impatient mothers with acupuncture or super greasy meals (which I tried this time instead of castor oil).  
I really, really wanted to meet our new little baby before Christmas. 

One part of that was so that he or she could star in our family’s little Nativity play.

Instead, I got to be the donkey and Rosie got to be Mary. 

We had a sweet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just the four of us and I really did wonder at how I ever would have gotten things together for the holiday if our baby had come at my leisure, but… I also was just aching to have this baby come out and meet us!

By the 26th, I'd already done my share of silly attempts to get baby to come out, so I went swimming at the Y, and tried to just relax, not think about it and enjoy the day.  Abram and I each nonchalantly suggested that perhaps instead of celebrating our anniversary on the 27th, we should get a sitter and go out on the 26th. We went to Village Books and enjoyed a nice, quiet, peaceful evening.  

In the wee hours of the morning I awoke with contractions (again!), after a few hours we called our beloved midwife, Winni. She came and checked me at 5, said it was still pre labor, and went to sleep at the birth center (she must have amazing mastery over her body's wakefulness with her career). 

In the morning, once everyone else was up, Abram contacted our good friend Dayna to come and get the girls. I was making muffins and getting to the point of needing to take breaks when the contractions came. Abram considered that he perhaps could squeeze in a run. I mustered a decent death glare.

I wanted to walk with him during this stage as we'd been able to with Aurora, but it was raining pretty steadily and I didn't want to be leaning on his wet jacket every time I had a contraction… so we stuck around the house. At least this baby was granting my wish for active labor during the daytime instead of through the night like Aurora and Rowen's. 

The yoga/birthing ball and Abram pushing on my back were my biggest helps.

We had Winni come back to check on me sometime in the late morning and she checked me and said I was at a 9! Woohoo! I thought maybe she was right and this labor would go fairly quickly. 

I ended up pushing for an hour. It seemed a lot longer and harder than I had hoped or expected for a third delivery. I remember despairing that I would be able to ever gain traction enough to help this baby come out. I knew that Abram and the midwives were there to support me, but it felt so lonely knowing only I could help this child come out.

Fortunately, she did. We were surprised and delighted to learn that we had another daughter!!
As I lay in my bed holding this tiny, snuffling wonder, I just felt so, so grateful for the privilege of being with this tender soul. It felt so blissful to have her at last in my arms after longing and working to help her come for what felt like so long. 

I think I was most prepared this time to just soak in these early, precious moments this time and truly savor them. 
 Fortunately, I was not alone in my delight at her arrival! 

Aurora and Rowen were frequently pleading to hold her or contesting whose turn it was to hold her. 
It was so wonderful to have Winni's wisdom and caring. I felt so grateful to have her home visits! 

We all just delighted in having this darling, tiny wonder join our family. After a few days, Abram officially conceded (its so short! What will her nickname be?) and we named her 
Eve McCune Dickerson. 
It is such a blessing and privilege to have her happy soul join our family. 


Lindsay said...

Wow! That's wonderful. I didn't know you were pregnant! She is soooo cute! Congratulations!

Maren B said...

She's beautiful! What a wonderful story. I know I'm a little late to the party, but, hey. Hope you are all still doing well.